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No matter if you are a CEO, Corporate Leader, Top Manager, Coach, Mentor, Factory worker, Clerk, Public Worker, Housewife  – you are exposed to the use of modern Communication tools for Professional, Social or Leisure reasons. Where your contacts in a traditional Non-Internet environment pretty much restricted to your own back yard (inner circle), the Internet exposes that circle wide open to the public. We are, if you like it or not, exposing ourselves already with even the slides remarks written on some kind of comments boards, websites, discussions forum etc. That tool of easy exposure on the other side activates energies that comes out pretty much unfiltered.

The Internet is an ideal place to hide. Folks who can be pretty reasonable in real life can become monsters in cyber life. Such can start Harassing you or worse Bullying, maybe even Threatening you with Cyber Attacks or just start a Flame for nothing. We call them Trolls.

I am often wondering the reason that triggers such behavior. One of those could be “Power”. I have quite a few examples how power in the wrong hands can not only upset members in a chat (or real life) and even dismantle that community. As I am part of quite a lot of chats for the past 15 years I have encountered a lot of good and bad situations. But recently it seems that there is a particular person in a particular chat trying to gain my attention by deleting whatever “he feels should not be in the Chat”. No no, that particular person is not the owner of the Chat but has probably some elevated privileges that gives him more power (not full power) compared to normal users like me. Anyway, this elevated status seems sufficient to give him the Power He Is Seeking to show his position. Again, here I am interested in the more scientifique question of what triggers such behavior. Maybe that Troll just didn’t grasp the Netiquette where, simply spoken, we should respect all other members as they are. Any law in the world discribes the giving and taking (responsibilities and duties) and so does the Netiquette. Therefore my last statement can now not be taken and applied to Trolls who’s intention is to disrupt Internet Communication of Individuals and make others believe that we all have to take them as they are.

So how can Trolls be stopped of being Trolls? Let me compare it with Stress. Stress can’t be eliminated but we can develop tools that will lower the impact of Stress. Applied to a Troll, the most important is not to feed  the Troll’s desire to have your attention. That does clearly not mean you now have to stop Communicating. In contrary – “Communicate as you have and do not let the Troll take command of your Communication”!

Back to the question of the Why a Troll is Troll? Maybe they are Underemployed, Angry at their own Life, Frustrated, Lake of Attention, Unsuccessful in their Job, Power Seeker or even Agent Provocateur. I have no clear answer, this must probably be the secret of a Troll.


Written by Eddie (@50minCoach)

27. June 2012 at 6:14 pm

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