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A wrong turn can lead you to the right place

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Recently, while speaking with a good friend who is in the traveling business, he recalled one of his motorbike journey through parts of India. He explained how a wrong turn in the middle of the night brought him to the nicest place on earth (right for that time).

“I was heading to a small village where I decided to stay over night before riding home. It’s not that I knew the place. But after two hours I noticed I must have taken a wrong turn and ended in a total different place. In fact I had no idea where I landed. I checked with locals to find a place to sleep. The hostel was really cheap. The next morning – and with day light – I was confronted with reality. When opening the window of my room I had the most beautiful view toward the lake. Behind was pure nature and the Sun was just about to rise. The silence was in total harmony with nature and my rested mood. Only days later I noticed, would I have reached the planed destination I would not even have found a room to stay – it was a total deserted and filly place.”

This story inspired me very much and can relate to my own experiences of life. Wrong turns are unintentionally taken. But if we do, it ends in most of the cases at the right place. If we can see the good side of unintentional “wrong” moves we might find that those turn out to be right moves  coming from your subconsciousness. Why is this so?

The next question here would be “what triggers subconscious actions?”. I will come back to you on that.


Written by Eddie (@50minCoach)

17. October 2012 at 8:01 am

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