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  1. I would like to know more about this case. (1) what was the excuse for surveillance? (2) which govt. agency was primarily responsible? (3) where did you get your evidence for the various assertions – like the possible decision to assassinate the victim?! I live in England & something similar has happened to me. I have bought bug-detecting instruments, but never discovered a microphone in my apartments. I have spotted people following me in cars & taking photos, but from a distance. My overall conclusion is (A) there is someone with a grudge against me (B) many of the unpleasant events – verbal abuse, hostility by neighbours, systematic hooting of car horns outside my home & various places of work are explainable by a hate campaign trying to spread their sentiments toward me among others (C) some of my experiences – overheard words, about me or repeating things I’ve said in private(or even thought!), are my pychosis caused by the stress & trauma of the vilification campaign.


    geo d

    5. July 2013 at 5:38 pm

    • Thank you “@geo d” for asking. First I like to apologize that I am not in the position to tell you critical details to the case as the Swiss individual still needs some time to figure out certain things. So let me try to answer you as good as I can for now.

      Reply to:
      [1] A very simple verbal kick in the ass of a high level Swiss Government employee.
      [2] various
      [3] as you mentioned in your case, there are sudden changes surrounding you that you will notice but have difficulties to grasp it at the beginning. Even though we believe, that the life threatening comment could more have being meant to scare of the individual, it is still a threat to an individuals life. What trigged the intention to speak out such a threat is at this moment not known. This question should be asked to the people making such weird decisions. The agency involved speaking out that thread of life was done by #NSA or #CIA agents (they didn’t introduce their true employer). We assume this as it happen outside the US and the people did mention working at the US Embassy.

      I think that today’s bug devices are so sophisticated, that they are hard to detect – at least those “public” purchased devices. Further, your mobile phone or computer is a bug in its self. So you may want to check there also. If the Government is truly willing to “silence” a citizen, they have many options at hand from killing you physically to killing you emotionally or by isolating you from the rest of the society – killing your ability to communicate with others (new post in preparation on this). With todays technical advancements, this is easily achievable. Take as example FB; there are rumors that the US Government has a backdoor access. They can manipulate your entries to their desire. Example: you post something, it looks posted ok to you but never reaches the recipient. This can be done with eMails, Twitter and nearly with all Social medias. I heard of a case from another person where his Twitter “Followers” number was frozen at a particular number even though that in some days he got 10 new followers. Twitter never found any suspicious behaviors and closed the case.

      The world has become very polarized. Also Democratic Governments have become more insistent that they are not tolerating dissent as it used to be in the 1970’s. But as a so called Democratic country they can’t go against people like a third world despotic ruler. So their methods have become more subtle. And Yes, the people affected by this sort of State Sponsored Bullying leaves marks in the mind and soul of the person exposed to this.

      I hope I was able to answer your questions.
      Please follow @ePowerOfSilence to keep being informed and help spread the news. Thank you.



      6. July 2013 at 6:25 am

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