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Running saved and still saves my live

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It’s being a great 15 weeks. On my 62nd birthday I decided to run again as I felt it unbearable not to. Without going into details, NOT running is creating all that today is experienced by NON active citizens – especially when they get older.

A short look back. 24 years ago I and my family lost literally everything – our wealth of not less than a million dollar and the company I had built over the past years. How? A Swiss rogue group even comprising of local government employees hijacked a new and innovative service I opened to help the economy minimize losses through addiction at the workplace. This group has acted not only very undemocratic but ruthlessly blackmailing and threateningmy clients, telling fictional stories that aimed at embarrassing and publicly humiliating me and influencing decision making of my clients. Subsequently I was forced to close my business with a near total loss of all private assets. An unworthy behavior of a country that makes the world believe they are democratic. This case will be the subject of my next book.

The road over the past two decades since this happening has being long and rough especially for me. Two years ago and because of what followed I reached my limits – a never before experienced breakdown of mind and body. Despite I always tried to maintain a healthy lifestyle through my running program, two years ago my body and mind refused to do its part – I stopped running. What makes this even more dramatic is the fact that I am running since 30 years on a regular base from anywhere between 3 to 7 times a week ranging from not less than 40 km up to 240 km per week where the longest break has being maybe a week or 10 days.

The experiences during those two years of sabbatical from running have being of great value to me. I could see by the days how the body can transforms from a healthy one to becoming sick, overweight, clumsy, incapable of properly metabolizing, getting stiff all over and literally being able to see the aging process speeding up, noticing the decay of muscular, cardiovascular and pulmonary functionality.

This year, on my 62nd birthday, I gave myself a nice gift. I started running again. It was physically and mentally difficult and challenging. And now after 15 weeks of regular focus I see it pays already off. I lost half of my overweight, got half of my cardiovascular and pulmonary capacity back and see again my running calves 🙂 

Today I participated in an 11 km running competition where a lot of people attended. I wanted to see where I stand, what I achieved that should lead my way for anything to come. A week before the race I did three longer runs above 10 km that where all below 10 km/hr in speed. So for race day I told myself that any time below 1 hr 10 min would be good for now. The most concerning point was if I could sustain the pressure over that distance. Reality proved otherwise. Despite starting the first km a bit fast I managed to maintain a nice and equal pace above 10 km/hr. I finished the race in 1 hr 01 minutes and 19 seconds (1:01.19)

I am back and I am hungry again for more. Still a lot to do to bring my body, mind and health back to where it was.

The message is this; you may at some point brake down in life. But never, never allow letting it go for ever. You should at one point invest again in yourself – even if it is only for surviving the next hard moment of life.

Here is what I like you to do. Leave your comment if you have or had similar experiences and tell us how you dealt with it.

Keep on running!


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  1. […] years that put me under such enormous distress and ended me getting burned-out (read more here and here), this task is not so trivial at all. I promise that this year you will see posts on The ∙ […]


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