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Ending good – Starting great

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Although this post is published a bid late I still value to share it with you. Since a very long time I stopped of thinking about making New Years resolutions, because unlike many people I could never see anticipated changes coming to life which were based on such short lived thoughts. Today I can say the only resolution that worked for me to not make them anymore. This led me to make changes when they were needed and I simply call them Resolutions On Demand.

This time New Year was right in the middle of a week so many took that opportunity by investing 2-3 more days to get nearly 10 days off. That also gave me the chance of 6 continuous days of freedom as my clients too enjoyed such an extended week. I decided to use this time given Read the rest of this entry »


To speak or Not to speak – that is No More the question!

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Who doesn’t know the opening phrase of Hamlet Nunnery Scene “To be, or not to be, that is the question …”. I like to borrow that same phrase for this post as it fits perfectly into my own life drama. In my recent blog entry I wrote of a particular moment of my private life. It tells in short a very special experience I’ve made that even today after more than 20 years it doesn’t want to go away easily. That case is so daunting and unbelievable that makes it difficult to tell – but I must.
The 50minCoach Blog is my business blog that deals with topics related to my coaching and mentoring work. So why am I sharing private matters here? First of all I Read the rest of this entry »

Running saved and still saves my live

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It’s being a great 15 weeks. On my 62nd birthday I decided to run again as I felt it unbearable not to. Without going into details, NOT running is creating all that today is experienced by NON active citizens – especially when they get older.

A short look back. 24 years ago I and my family lost literally everything – our wealth of not less than a million dollar and the company I had built over the past years. How? A Swiss rogue group even comprising of local government employees hijacked a new and innovative service I opened to help the economy minimize losses through addiction at the workplace. This group has acted not only very Read the rest of this entry »

Capital in the 21st Century

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Reading the CNN Edition – How to become super, super wealthy (by John MacIntosh). He wrote about a book by the author Tom Piketty that caused a predictable stir among the pro-equality set because the author is a French economist with the gall to propose a global tax on wealth. But putting aside this naïve, socialist claptrap, the book is a veritable treasure trove of advice on getting into (or staying in) the top 1%.

Here the quote that says it all:

The book confirms what you already know firsthand: The rich are getting richer; the really rich are getting really richer; capital is hot; labor is not.

The obvious implication is that you must find a job where the distinction between capital and labor is blurry. A job where you can take a slice off the top by getting paid as if you owned a piece of action even though you don’t. Because without some capital working on your behalf, no amount of even the hardest and most skillful labor will get you anywhere near the top. (How many doctors or engineers join the country club these days? Virtually none.)

Written by Eddie (@50minCoach)

10. June 2014 at 4:21 am

A wrong turn can lead you to the right place

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Recently, while speaking with a good friend who is in the traveling business, he recalled one of his motorbike journey through parts of India. He explained how a wrong turn in the middle of the night brought him to the nicest place on earth (right for that time).

“I was heading to a small village where I decided to stay over night before riding home. It’s not that I knew the place. But after two hours I noticed I must have taken a wrong turn and ended in a total different place. In fact I had no idea where I landed. I checked with locals to find a place to sleep. The hostel was really cheap. The next morning – and with day light – I was confronted with reality. When opening the window of my room I had the most beautiful view toward the lake. Behind was pure nature and the Sun was just about to rise. The silence was in total harmony with nature and my rested mood. Only days later I noticed, would I have reached the planed destination I would not even have found a room to stay – it was a total deserted and filly place.” Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Eddie (@50minCoach)

17. October 2012 at 8:01 am

The Power of failure that can reignites your restart

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Have you ever wanted to shred your overweight or work on reducing your high level of Stress? A good time is usually New Year where you speak out all your wishes to come true. But we are free in starting as we feel fit. Then you decide on a go. You are in – week One, Two, Three … maybe week Four or Five – then Stop. You feel bored, you think you are missing something of your old life before of the start. Are you now a looser? Should you now hid this embarrassing news from your friends?
No don’t feel so!
And No you are not a looser!
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Written by Eddie (@50minCoach)

11. June 2012 at 10:03 am


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