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Computer Crime – A Swiss Connection

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Last month on this Blog I informed my contacts with a short entry that my Computer was compromised and that we have found evidences of a Trojan. We are more and more convinced that this was deliberate placed on my Computer to cause harm. Today we have clues on who may be behind this very disturbing story. Notes coming in that the Swiss Government together with the Jordanian Authority have planted the Trojan on my Computer. If other where implicated is still subject to investigations. We can’t confirm as of today if the Governments as a whole or individuals working for the Government acted without the knowledge of their Bosses. Who the driving force was is also not yet clear. Further we are still searching for clues on the true nature and reasons.

As this is an open case It makes it an ongoing investigation. I am determined not only finding the true reasons but also the possible damage that was caused through this. Please check back!

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Admitting failure is not a pleasure but a requirement

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Over the past several months I have being forced to put much effort in other tasks then following my actual business of Coaching and Mentoring. The reason is that I now have to clean the mess some people, that I have no clue for now who they are, created within my Social- and Business Network. What has happened?
The short story is; my computer was compromised. It looks that I had a Trojan that allowed those who planted it to monitor just everything from Voice, Writing, eMailing, Video etc. In short just all. My PW vault became a wide open book where I have stored over 100 PWs. Even when Mentoring Clients Online using Skype it was possible to monitor that confidential conversation.
The long story is, I am not yet able to write in details about it as we are still combing through the mess to find clues. So much only – my internal business statistics over the past 18 months have shown weird results. I was never able to understand what really happened. But sometimes in the second part of 2011 I found  evidences that this could only be related to a compromised Computer. Since early this year I have setup a new computer and tightened security. Only time will tell if I was right.
It is never a pleasure to admit your computer was compromised and you have being made a fool. But I’d rather tell this now as my business and company was badly shaken by this. And not telling publicly would only encourage further manipulations.
This is a work in progress and I will post here any news coming out.

Written by Eddie (@50minCoach)

15. May 2012 at 12:16 pm


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