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The shaping of a Leader

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My friend Cheryl Zwarkowski who completed here fifth Bad Water race across Death Valley in California, USA over a distance of 135 miles, wrote in a post: “… we got through a couple valleys “out there” – this made me think.

Looking at my own experience in Long Distance Running and my life under duress, I would interpret Cheryl’s statement as such: “The valleys are numerous. Either physical shaped by nature that created the mountains. Then the Emotional valleys are the ups and downs of our feelings coming from the elements like weather and climate we are exposed to. Our physic is also experiencing the passing through valleys as the long duration of strains is challenging our muscle, skeletal and cardiovascular system. And last but not least our mind and the physiognomy has constantly to prove it’s toughness not to give up. If we manage to overcome all those valleys at the same time, we have proven our high level of capacity we bear in us. I sum It usually into the simple word of “Mental Endurance“.  The ability not to give up as soon we face a challenge.

Question: How can Corporations build “Mental Endurance” for their key staff?


Written by Eddie (@50minCoach)

18. July 2013 at 5:30 pm

Reworked Website and Blog

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Over the past weeks I have reworked my web presence. Some of the contents of the website still need completion and missing pictures have also to be added. You will now miss the pages as they have being moved to the websites 50min Coach and Power of Silence. The website’s purpose is solely to describe my services. Whereas, on this Blog visitors can read all regarding my work. Please feel free to follow my various Social Medias and subscribe to my Newsletter on this Blog. Thank you for being here.

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Written by Eddie (@50minCoach)

21. November 2012 at 10:02 am

The Power of failure that can reignites your restart

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Have you ever wanted to shred your overweight or work on reducing your high level of Stress? A good time is usually New Year where you speak out all your wishes to come true. But we are free in starting as we feel fit. Then you decide on a go. You are in – week One, Two, Three … maybe week Four or Five – then Stop. You feel bored, you think you are missing something of your old life before of the start. Are you now a looser? Should you now hid this embarrassing news from your friends?
No don’t feel so!
And No you are not a looser!
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Written by Eddie (@50minCoach)

11. June 2012 at 10:03 am


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